Turnkey Studios is the premier recording studio in Edmonton. We offer unmatched quality, a beautiful studio, and an unequaled recording experience at a price tailored to you.

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Welcome to the new online home of Turnkey Studios – the premier recording studio in Edmonton. Lofty claim? Perhaps, but our client list includes many popular local bands, not to mention a couple of popular major label acts such as Stereos and Ten Second Epic.

This Edmonton recording studio is comprised of a main control room, tracking room, three separate isolation booths, an editing suite and a lounge/lobby area, and our services include full album production, pre-production, song-writing, original music and score, editing, mixing, ADR, post-production mixdown, foley, and more.

Please look around our new site and acquaint yourself with Turnkey. We have photos of the studio, as well as recording samples available for your listening pleasure. Also, don’t hesitate to take a look at our client list to see who we have worked with. If you feel Turnkey is the right place for your project, then feel free to contact us right away!

Thanks for stopping in, and feel free to follow us on Twitter, Instagram (@turnkeystudios), and Facebook. Hope to hear from you!